Microsoft SharePoint Development and Customization

Microsoft SharePoint is family of software products developed by Microsoft for web publishing, collaboration and file sharing. Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most commonly used platform by developers for building enterprise web-publishing and file sharing applications.

For past many years peopleCRM has been working with Microsoft SharePoint to develop web publishing and collaboration platforms for its clients. Since many of our clients have their whole infrastructure based on the Microsoft technologies it is wise to continue using a Microsoft product for publishing platform.

peopleCRM continues to stay ahead as a technology leader and we have mastered both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 development platforms.

Services and Applications of Microsoft SharePoint Development

peopleCRM true to its promise stands a one-stop shop for all your software development needs including Microsoft SharePoint Development. Our services cover:
  • Product Conceptualization and UI definition, as per SharePoint feasibility standards
  • SharePoint Module Development
  • SharePoint Themes
  • SharePoint Deployment
  • SharePoint Maintenance
  • SharePoint Workflows

We use these services to build, but not limited to, following types of applications:
  • Web Publishing Application
  • Social Networks
  • File Sharing Applications
  • News sites
  • Forum and Review sites
  • Corporate Intranet

peopleCRM Solutions


peopleCRM offers comprehensive enterprise intranet/extranet solutions perfectly customized to fit with your business goals, content taxonomy and company structure. Our SharePoint solutions are highly flexible and scalable designed to support corporate information flow and may combine content search, access and delivery with collaboration features and automation of related routines keeping the portal focus and underlying business processes in mind.


peopleCRM delivers SharePoint-based DMS covering from simple well-structured document storage to document routing and related workflows and policies, to process your legal, financial and technical documentation keeping it most cost-effective and easy. With our vast expertise and technology skills we’re capable of building a comprehensive SharePoint-based DMS perfectly suited for your particular needs and scalable for future business growth.


peopleCRM covers DMS and portal solutions mentioned above as very necessary part of enterprise content management. Using SharePoint technology we provide DAM implementation bridging the gap between your corporate information system and ECM level. Clients receive cost-effective knowledge management, improved collaboration and higher content availability from us.


peopleCRM helps with establishment of a single data access gateway for organizations and helps visualize their stats by implementing SharePoint-based business intelligence solutions. We provide all-round BI solutions, ranging from the higher-level presentation layer to data mining and data quality management, leading to a smooth ETL process.


Are you burdened with large volumes of internet-focused content or looking to launch new online service? peopleCRM is there to fulfill all your needs from designing, developing and maintaining your SharePoint internet portal.

peopleCRM Options To Choose From

SharePoint from scratch

We can give you a fully operational, carefully designed SharePoint solution that is configured, customized and tuned to accelerate your business processes by facilitating teamwork, simplifying data access and automating routines.

Extend an existing solution

We can add new features to the SharePoint solution you already have, remove hurdles and optimize the overall information structure. Make your SharePoint portal an integration layer connecting people, data sources and business processes.

SharePoint integration

We can bring you the best practices for creating integrated environments based on Microsoft technologies and offer a synergetic effect from using a set of Microsoft products like Exchange Server, Dynamics CRM or Office applications.

For third-party and open-source solutions we provide development of stable and manageable one-way and bidirectional SharePoint connectors.

Migrate to SharePoint

We offer hassle-free transition of your legacy system (or several systems) to SharePoint. We offer a smart and safe approach that focuses on careful planning and ensures uninterrupted business process.

peopleCRM services cover smart upgrade to SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint Foundation for companies using earlier SharePoint versions.

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