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We at peopleCRM make sure that your CRM system is fashioned to aid in perfectly-synched, interactive communication with customers and facilitates flexible adjustment of your customer policy as well as marketing strategy in keeping with evolving customer requirements.

The services that we offer include custom CRM solutions and modules development, SalesForce CRM integration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM full-cycle implementation as well as custom add-ons development.

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When a position for a resource is planned & finalized for a corporate system, the Employee Life-cycle in an Organization starts at that point. An employee is “born” for an organization when he/she is hired into a corporate ecosystem. The employee then goes through various stages of his life-cycle performing the deliverables entrusted upon him. The employee performance is measured at different stages against pre-defined parameters. During the Life-cycle, Employee may be promoted, transferred. Employee Life-cycle is completed, when the employee leaves the organization and the final dues are settled.


Competition continues to increase in discrete manufacturing. To stay ahead, you need to get to market quicker and do a better job of matching up supply with demand. Personalize your enterprise resource planning system, focus on your work, and be confident you've got the right software and support team for the job...all with peopleERP.


peopleCRM offers assistance to businesses worldwide in bringing order to their business documents. peopleCRM’s social, cloud-based tools help Legal, Finance, and other teams around the world every day in creating, discovering, and managing documents from anywhere.ay