Enterprise Resource Planning


Present day enterprise’s operational efficiency depends largely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems-from procurement and order processing to human resources and financial management.


Businesses seeking to consolidate their competitive advantage with business process engineering and smart technology, benefit from peopleCRM ERP modules implementation.
  • Ability to meet compliance requirements
  • Process cost savings
  • Greater efficiency of business processes
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Better connections with customers and suppliers
  • Integration of multiple disparate functions within the enterprise
  • Greater visibility for business stakeholders

peopleCRM benefits you with effective project management approach, cost-effective and scalable solutions and relevant industry/domain experience.

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Our solutions are effective as they are matched to your IT development strategy and business needs aided by our strong technology capabilities.

Microsoft technologies
peopleCRM offers a comprehensive set of skills and experience for companies with Microsoft-based IT-infrastructure.

Open-source solutions
We assist in creating business process automation with Java and web-oriented technologies like PHP and Ruby on Rails.

SAP consulting
We provide SAP services covering business consulting to deployment, extensions development and solution support.


peopleCRM offers a host of ERP services aimed at fulfilling your company’s present as well as future needs, aiding in reducing TCO and scaling the solution simply with growth of your business and diversification. Some key points of ERP system design that we always keep in mind in order to satisfy these principles are:
  • Establish a strong foundation based on service-oriented architecture principles
  • Set up complete support to facilitate efficient processing of large volumes of data
  • Implement web technologies in a professional and judicious manner as and when appropriate
  • Support geographically scattered business units and mobile access
  • Configure hardware, which includes servers and more equipment
  • Switch to cloud computing when prepared
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Complete execution

Continuity of your business and effectiveness of operations hinges critically on resource planning applications. In order to ensure efficient planning in your whole organization you require real time access to main business information which in turn helps you leverage your competitive advantage. This translates technically into the fact that in place of time consuming implementations you need business-oriented design and well thought-out, professional implementations. We at peopleCRM offer long-term partnerships so as to deliver full-cycle services which are develop, customize, implement, and maintain ERP systems as well as maintain flexibility to incorporate new features at the time of emergence of new business need.

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In this initial stage peopleCRM business analysts, consultants and system architects dedicate themselves completely to comply project vision, business process understanding, and requirements management.


peopleCRM ensures success of ERP project by making full use of the strengths in software architecture design, effective project management and trusted quality assurance processes.


Once the software solution is implemented, integrated, and the stabilization phase is accomplished, peopleCRM provides diligent long-term support and maintenance of the deployed software system.



The key areas of enterprise operations which get support for workflow automation and data processing because of our delivering and integrating ERP modules are:

Business planning

With the help of in-depth analysis and forecasting of demand, sales opportunities and available resources, plan, manage and control your business resources effectively. To ensure that business intelligence supports decision-making, develop summarizing dashboards of your enterprise key performance indicators (KPIs).


Set up a full procurement management system; search, develop and keep vendor information; track pricing; streamline purchase-order creation; manage deliveries and acceptance in a simple manner; maintain quality of all goods purchased.

Production management

As and when required develop and manage production plans, keeping in mind demand and available resources; manage and control security problems, production time, work hours, and production sites efficiently.

Order management

Cutting significantly on time needed for providing pricing updates , delivery costs and time, technical information to customers; implement automatic updation of information within orders; keep track of shipments; scrutinize customer credit history; streamline priority of orders; keep customers updated through email notification about order status and changes.


Create, manage and control your balance sheets easily in addition to simplifying accounts management and reconciliation as well as cash flow monitoring. Quickly produce financial reports on labor, material and production costs and revenues.

Inventory management

Implement high level of automation in inventory management; streamline and automate most repeated transactions; keep track of detailed product information and manage all facets of delivery.

Human Resources automation

Implement automation of common human resources processes and staff management; simplify and streamline management of payrolls, job histories, benefits administration of employees, etc.