Document Management System

peopleCRM offers assistance to businesses worldwide in bringing order to their business documents. peopleCRM’s social, cloud-based tools help Legal, Finance, and other teams around the world every day in creating, discovering, and managing documents from anywhere.

Create Documents In Collaboration

Take Control of Your Documents Instantly

Our intuitive tools and interface can make you a document management expert in minutes. Without needing any developers you can customize peopleCRM to manage.

Maintain Security While Working Together on Documents

Keep your access rights secure while sharing documents with colleagues and partners. Create workspaces so teams can edit and collaborate on documents securely.

Make Team Effort Easy

Avoid version chaos while collecting comments, feedback, and edits from colleagues. Stay updated with co-workers' changes via document subscriptions and version lock-down.

Collaborate in Microsoft Office

Create and edit documents with team members -- in your browser, from anywhere. Open, co-author, and share documents from Microsoft Office with powerful integrations.

Co-Author in Real-Time

Create new documents online, co-author instantly in real-time, and manage document lifecycles in a structured way.

Find Documents that Matter Easily

Standardize Documents’ Organization

Organize documents and permissions by geography, business unit, product, or other concept. Standardize how documents are stored by teams with custom templates.

Organize Documents Like Your Business

Tailor metadata and descriptions to instantly organize documents. Use tags and a configurable search engine to locate the exact documents you need. Report on documents by folder or folder tree.

Get Access To Documents From Anywhere

View, edit, and manage your documents from any location. Access documents via Apple iOS and Android support, desktop sync, and integration into tools like SugarCRM.

Find Recommended Documents

Discover documents recommended specifically to you based on team usage. Reward team members that create useful documents with enterprise social tools.

Business-like Management of Documents

Fasten Document Approvals

Customize or reuse workflows to manage how documents are reviewed and approved. Control who is notified and can access documents throughout the process.

Audit and Control Document Approvals

Monitor where documents are in the approval process to avoid bottlenecks. Track who approved a document, and their comments, to create audit trails that support regulations.

Get Alerted to Changing Documents

Notify teams to review or adjust a document on a specific date. Keep colleagues informed about budget deadlines, contract renewals, and other important events that affect a document.

Control Access to Documents

Manage groups and roles to put documents only in the right hands. Adjust permissions to control which colleagues, groups, and external partners can access or manage your documents.

Keep IT in Control

Recuce Costs with the Cloud

Reduce capital expenditures with business-class document management delivered as software-as-a-service. Add new users instantly without hardware upgrades or maintenance burdens.

Keep Documents Safe with Strong Security

Keep documents secure with encryption for documents at rest and in motion. Limit access to specific IP addresses and ensure password strength. Rely on SAS 70 Type II compliant infrastructure to protect your data.

Easy Authentication of Users and Groups

Supervise users with your established LDAP and Active Directory infrastructure. Simplify access for users with SAML Single Sign-On support.

Ensure Service Availability

Rely on an enterprise service level agreement for uptime and availability. Engage with a rich knowledgebase and support professionals for efficient issue resolution.